We are a couple of passionate travelers who believe that getting your gear right is an essential part to making your trip a success. We’re a couple who have been traveling the world for years, every chance we can get! We love our backpacks. They’re almost an extension of ourselves these day. We’ve each been through a few different models over the past decade or so of travel and have come to know what to look for in a backpack based on the kind of trip you’re taking.

We created this site to help you! Picking┬áthe right backpack for your travels and your budget is such a crucial purchase. If you get it wrong it can come back to bite you on long travel days spent with an uncomfortable and ill-fitted pack. But get it right and you’ll be so happy to you did. No sore shoulder, aching back or frantic squeezing items into your pack. Put the effort in now before you purchase you’re bag and you’ll be rewarded when it comes time to hit the airport!

We found that lots of travel blogs offer advice here and there on types of packs or reviews of certain brands but none offer a comprehensive guide to all the different types of packs and when to use them. We are aiming to provide the most comprehensive guide to the best backpack for travel on the internet!

Once you’ve bought a backpack, learning how to pack it is another key step. We’re going to feature posts on packing like a pro, knowing what to leave at home and packing lists to fit a range of destinations.

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